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Sam Joole Covers Band

Sam Joole performs as a covers artist, specialising in Tribute Shows as well as Resorts, Clubs and Solo Shows.

Brit Pop Tribute


A tribute to English Rock n Roll and Brit Pop. Sam Joole and band embark on a historical journey beginning with the pioneers of English pop music , spanning through the British Invasion and into the Punk, Mod and Goth eras, through to classic era of Merseyside Brit Pop and culminating in the who's who of modern BritPop.

English pop music has always been unbeatable, inclusive and humorous and this band is a shambolic party not to be missed. Covering the hits of:

- The Beatles
- David Bowie
- Joy Division
- New Order
- Pulp
- Oasis
- The Charlotans
- The Smiths
- The Clash
- Elvis Costello and loads more!

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